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"Oh give us a home where the dog can roam". Now that you are moved in and thinking about getting a pet, you need to ask yourself a few questions: invisible fence, visible fence or dog run? Invisible fences are the new rage or fab, if you will. For good reason these fences have taken off as the most popular and useful pet containment. Costs vary and are dependent upon your yard size or area to be fenced. Will you be hiring professionals to install an underground fence or are you planning on an in house unit that can be set to the yard radius of your choice. Invisible fences are usually used outdoors out but, if your pet does not mind their manners and they head for the kitchen table or counter top, this is the answer to your problems. A wooden or metal fence is just as useful for pet containment but sometimes twice if not three times the cost dependent on material, height, placement and of course a gate or two for easy access. The hardware store bought dog run may be a quick fix for those of you looking for instant use. Dog runs have come a long way in the past years and quite easy to find online or locally. In the end, your decision must be one that suits you, your dog and your location.