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Natural light increases the organic production of vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D has been reported to help regulate the absorption of calcium into the body. It's also been reported to boost the body's immune system. Improved mood, better sleep and enhanced vision are other benefits associated with natural light.

If you're serious about feeling happy stop living in a dark house

Exercising outdoors may be among the very best ways to absorb natural light. You'll also be strengthening your muscles and cardiovascular system while you exercise. Because of this, the tips listed here are in addition to getting outside and soaking up natural light while enjoying a walk, run, bicycle ride, skating or another sports activity.

Regardless of where you live, you can bring more light into your house. One of the easiest ways to lighten up your house is to swap out heavy drapes and curtains for lightly colored and less heavy window treatments. If you're looking for more ways to get out of a dark house, consider these five tricks:

  • Keep window treatments open during the daytime. Close drapes, curtains and blinds at night to prevent passersby from seeing inside your home as the outdoor darkness contrast against the indoor light.
  • Install ceiling fans that are designed with a large light. Flip the light on while the ceiling fan operates on cloudy days or at night.
  • Install larger light fixtures in each room of your house. Ceiling lights that cover a quarter or more of a room also bring more light into a room.
  • Remove large tree limbs that block your windows.If you get the trees inspected, you might find that the trees are dead. In this case, you may want to remove the entire trees. You'll get more light inside your home. You might also prevent a tree from falling against your house during a storm.
  • Install large bay windows in your living room and other spaces in your house that you spend a lot of time in. Bay windows are natural light magnets. They also work like clear screens, giving you a glimpse of nature at work. Install large bay windows and you can watch birds, squirrels and other animals live, soar and play without having to leave home.

You won't know how good you'll feel until you lighten up your home

The best indoor light has not surpassed the benefits associated with what you can gain while soaking up natural light from the sun. Good indoor light can help your mood to shift upward. It can also help your body to adjust to seasonal changes,making it easier for you to drift into sleep at night and to waken in the morning.

Should you deal with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), when you bring more light into your house you could experience fewer or less extreme symptoms related to SAD. If your children are experiencing the early stages of SAD, they may become more engaging, social and confident after you bring more light into your house.