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An uncommon home comes with more than a unique structural design. Move into an uncommon home and you may also get size, value and incredible interior and exterior views. Personality and history are other takeaways attached to an uncommon home.

Where uncommon homes are in your city

Should walkability be important to you, you might want to look for an uncommon home in a downtown or midtown area. You'll be within walking distance of sidewalk cafes, boutiques, local restaurants, theaters and arts shops.

There will always be something nearby. Depending on the town you buy an uncommon home in,you might be able to find an exciting place to eat or entertain at all times during the day and night. If you're in the market for an uncommon home, you could connect with a realtor who has experience finding uncommon housing gems.

But, this approach could cost you. Here are some great places to find an uncommon home:

  • Oldest neighborhoods - The older neighborhoods are, the more history they might have. It might take some digging to discover rich history nuggets about the area. Yet, they are there. Looking for these history gems will teach you more about the town you just bought an uncommon home in. It's a great way to appreciate more of the city. You'll probably also avoid boredom, routine and settling into too much comfort as you continue to search for the history gems. Who knows? One day, you might get paid to give city or neighborhood tours.
  • Movie makers - Eclectic neighborhoods have made their way into major motion pictures. Most houses in major motion pictures are located in actual neighborhoods. People actually live in some of these houses.
  • Artists dwellings - Few people are more creative and forward thinking like artists are. Artists' houses are uncommon because they house unusual items like designer gowns, dresses and suits. Other things that you might find at artists' houses are original novel manuscripts, clay artwork, rare photographs and original paintings. Even if the artists takes all of her artwork with her after she sells you her uncommon home, the energy and memories of the many creations that started in the house will remain.
  • Iconic homes - A sure marking of an uncommon home is a house that's designed by an architect. Move into one of these uncommon homes and you might have a house that's designed unlike any other house in the entire country.

Uncommon houses need your bold personality and ambition to truly shine

Buying a house that's unlike any other house on the block gives you a footprint. It gives you a chance to become a part of history, as some uncommon houses have provided environmental protections and warmth to local, national and international leaders.

After you unpack and move your furniture into an uncommon home, start putting your own mark on the house. Hang eclectic pictures on the walls. Line floors with throw rugs that do more than decorate, that send a message. But, don't stop there. Create life changing experiences that change you, everyone around you, the entire town.