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The seventh and tenth year have presented challenges for romantic relationships. These milestones can also present challenges for homeowners, especially as housing structures and appliances start to age and decay.

Get more and better life out of your house

Yet, as with romantic relationships, house decay does not absolutely have to happen. Proper maintenance could keep your house functioning at high levels for years. Areas of your house that you need to check regularly include:

  • Automatic garage door opener - Check to see that your garage door raises and lowers evenly. When your garage door touches the ground, a part of the door should not be even with the ground while another part of the garage door is raised in the air.
  • Roof - Once a year, climb up on your roof and check the shingles. Make sure that your roof shingles are not bubbling or curling. Also, make sure that the shingles are not discolored, thinning or developing holes. If you do spot signs of wear and tear in your roof shingles,replace the shingles that are showing decay. This could keep you from having to replace your entire roof. It could also prevent your roof from leaking which could cause damage to other parts of your house, including your walls and floors.
  • Floor - Walk through each room of your house. Similar to what you would look for when you example your roof shingles, check to see if your floor tiles are bubbling, curling or thinning in spots.Replacing single floor tiles is a lot less costly and less time consuming that installing an entire room floor.
  • Carpet - Extending the life of your carpet could be as simple as vacuuming and washing your carpet regularly. Wipe or scrub away stains as soon as you spot them. You could also take off your shoes before you step on your carpet. Depending on the type of carpet that you have, your carpet should remain in good condition for at least seven years.
  • Appliances - Expand your home review and checkout your house appliances. For example, you should replace washer hoses and dryer filters as needed. Also, replace air conditioner and  heating filters.

Small house maintenance is a huge cost saver

Space isn't the only reason why people get tired of their current home and start house hunting. Signs of wear and tear can also make people lose appreciation for their house. With a little regular examination, maintenance and repair, you could appreciate your house for years.

You could also save money. Small maintenance and minor repairs generally do not cost nearly as much as a full repair or replacement does. This goes for house structure items like your roof walls and floors as well as for your home appliances.

By caring for your home on a regular maintenance schedule, you can also keep the value of your house at a high level. Should you decide to sell your house, you won't have to spend as much money to get your house up to code as you would have had to spend had you not performed regular inspections and maintenance on your home.