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Bugs are not only irritating and annoying, they can also prove to be an unhealthy visitor to your home. They carry germs, spread diseases, reducing the sanitary condition of your home. When they find their way into the kitchen, pantry and cabinets, they can bring with them a certain level of contamination. There are several ways of getting rid of these pests. The most common method is to get an insecticide and fumigate the environment. When using an insecticide we fail to take into consideration the long term effect of exposing ourselves to these chemicals. Although, the use of fumigants is a common method, this article will concentrate on how to keep bugs away by using natural methods. Ants are a common household pest especially around the kitchen where food is stored. Lemon is a safe and effective way to repel them. Mix the juice from 4 lemons with 1/2 gallon of water and spray a fine mist of the solution onto the surfaces where ants are seen. You can also sprinkle cayenne and cinnamon around where you observe ant activity and they will not return to that area. Bay leaves placed in the kitchen drawers, cabinets and pantry will work wonders at keeping the ants away without exposing your family's food supply to potentially toxic chemicals. Do you want to get rid of fleas? Sprinkle sea salt and baking powder on the carpet before you vacuum. Empty the content of the dirt catcher into hot soapy water as soon as you are done vacuuming. Once the fleas comes in contact with the water they will die. You will need to repeat this process until you have completely eliminated the flea population. Flies are also repelled by lemon, strategically placing lemon slices around your home can be very helpful. Placing a cloth soaked in peppermint or lavender oil in your window sills will help keep flies away. Making sure waste containers are shut and the area surrounding them are kept very clean will help reduce the fly's interest in these areas. If mosquitoes are a problem, check your yard for areas where stagnant water is present, and try to eliminate as much of it as you can. There are many herbs such as Lemon Grass, Lavender, and Catnip, that can be planted around your yard to help repel these pesky invaders. Fresh lemon and orange peels are also great repellents, be certain to replace them as they dry out. Some individuals have found that eating fresh garlic during mosquito season has protected them from the bite of this vicious insect. Although it is more convenient to use a chemical based insecticide to get rid of bugs, you should consider the impact it has on your health as well as the environment. Choosing a natural alternative to pest control would be a big step in the right direction.